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eLabInventory LIS

eLabInventory is an inventory management system to manage stocks and track- and trace samples and specimens. eLabInventory offers standardized documentation, efficient and organized inventory storage and a full audit trail of the items. Store samples in self-configured -80°C or -20° freezers, refrigerators safety cabinets, cages and more.

Store items, like primers, bacterial strains, plasmids, PCR products, RNA samples, antibodies, chemical, enzymes, cell lines, animals or define custom types according to any lab's specifications. eLabInventory is up to meet industry standards, but is also well-suited and affordable for academic laboratories. For more information about eLabInventory, for requesting a trial or inviting us to give a demonstration, please contact us.

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Product Features

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Personal User Login
  • User Management and System Permissions
  • Flexible and Self-Configurable
  • Single Sample Data Entry
  • Sample Batch Entry
  • Data Entry Validation
  • Customizable Table Data Views
  • Internal and External Data Linking
  • ELN integration eLabJournal
  • Sample Tracking
  • 2D Sample Barcoding
  • External Sample Barcodes Integration
  • Full Sample Audit Trail
  • Supplies and Ordering
  • Event Notifications
  • Data Import and Migration
  • Data Export to Excel or PDF
  • Sample Logs and Archiving
  • GLP compliant (CFR 21 part 11)
  • Custom Reporting
  • Smartphone and Tablet Integration
  • Affordable Price Per User
  • Secured Online Hosting
  • SSL class III-encrypted communication
  • Data Backups
  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Online Support
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